the BOOK – “No Paradox – Living Both In and Outside Of the Matrix”

The book is about consciously evolving our consciousness.  It offers a theory, explores states of consciousness, and suggests tools.


The idea is that using all of this through awareness & conscious intention, we can become more objective, and thus handle life more easily, plus gradually learn to create it as we would wish it to be.

What if there were no paradoxes? What if everything was simply as it is in order to enable conscious life to exist, and to allow us all to experience our unique lives here as broadly as we choose to?

More info here – about

Now available on Amazon (UK), and Amazon (USA) – Its 200 pages with b&w interior but includes graphics.

It’s also now available on Kindle (UK) – and on Kindle USA

Of course I’d love it if you’d help spread the word!

Peace, Grace & Blessings, Julia Woodman


Julia Woodman also known as the poet Jay Woodman,
maiden name Julia Bates, nicknames Jay or Joules.
Grew up in South Africa, travelled a fair bit, now settled in UK.

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