The Universal Game


What would you say

if you were asked to play

this game called life?


Would you agree to be birthed,

to come down to earth

with all its woes and strife?


Could you really have known what it’s like?

Would you have thought you could sort it all out,

or would have just done it for a laugh?


Would you have realised there was enough

beauty and goodness to balance it off,

make it an amazing experience?


If you could remember –

you must have thought it was some kind of adventure

or at least a worthwhile choice to make


or there’s surely no way you’d have entered this game

filled with extremities of love and pain,

and you probably wouldn’t want to do it again…..


but in the first sleep of death,

after rejoining our soul group, and a period

of review and reflection, I think we forget,


before we awake to a wider perspective

and set off to explore other directions and planes,

learning & reporting back, between periods of resting,


so when the time comes around

to journey back down,

we are ready to try once again…….


but I wonder, will we ever remember

that it’s a study and growth opportunity,

so that we don’t overreact to the immersion?


We are scouts of consciousness itself,

examining the outer fringes of universal expansion

and at the same time expanding from within.


Each time the soul goes home

we realise we are never alone, there, here, or anywhere.

We expand and circulate creatively together,


along with a multitude of evolving species,

feeding back to, and validating, the widening consciousness,

preventing the universe from collapsing on itself.






About Radiance-Solutions is about Total Wellbeing - Advice & Support, mostly by email or phone, Articles, Books, Personal Development Guides, Tools, and Inspiration. I'm now also a NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST and have developed an online programme that anyone can use via email, which includes assessments, plans, reviews, and ongoing support. I do Stress Management (for individuals or goups, including business or private workshops), meditation, life coaching, and counselling (inc with families, children, young people). I also do poetry & art workshops in schools, festivals, and other venues. I'm also a healer and dowser /diviner.
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1 Response to The Universal Game

  1. Monica says:

    My belief: We are here to learn. We take home, to the universe (our higher selves) every life lesson learned and we are never alone. 🙂

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