the authoress

The authoress, Julia (Jay) Woodman, is a widely published writer of self-help and inspirational articles, blogs, and guides – plus of poetry and art (with several illustrated poetry collections) and many appearances in magazines internationally.  She has also performed her work at many venues, and on radio and TV, plus lead workshops around the UK & in the USA.  She is also known for having edited the poetry & art magazine “Rustic Rub”, and for having founded the Yorkshire Rainbow Festival.

Julia is also a creative philosopher, life coach, and multi-therapist (including counselling, stress management, meditation, healing, dowsing, and nutritional therapy) at Radiance Solutions, based in the UK, but helping people internationally via the internet.

Julia is also writing novels, as well as follow-ups to this book, and other related titles.

Julia has lived in many different countries, but mostly grew up in South Africa. She travelled widely for a few years, mostly on a yacht, then settled in the UK before having her 2 sons with her first husband.  Now married again, she lives in Dorking in Surrey.